The Cast of Good Luck Charlie

Good Luck Charlie Cast

Here ar the good luck charlie cast, you will meet the parents Bob and Amy Duncan, the kids Teddy, Gabe, PJ and of course Charlie. You will also meet the friends of the Duncan family.

good luck charlie cast teddyTeddy Duncan (Bridgit Mendler) 47 episodes, 2010-2011.

Big sister Teddy is the one recording a video diary for Charlie. She brings up everyday stuff that Charlie might need some advice on in the future. Each diary clip ends with a “good luck Charlie”. Teddy is funny, charming, loving but not a very good dancer if you ask Spencer her boyfriend in the first season.  She is most of the time a good daughter and loves her little sister Charlie.


good luck charlie castCharlie Duncan (Mia Talerico) 47 episodes, 2010-2011

Charlie is the star of the “good luck Charlie” show. She is a cute toddler that one day will get the video diary that Teddy records. Will the advice help her? She is a curious toddler  that is smarter than you think…

cast of good luck charlieGabe Duncan (Bradley Steven Perry) 47 episodes, 2010-2011

Gabe is the youngest brother of the Duncan family. He is a funny guy that constantly gets into trouble. He loves teasing his big brother PJ and he is a little jealous of Charlie. He used to be the youngest of the family, but now Charlie holds that position. Gabe often gets in trouble with the neighbour lady and the teachers at school.

cast of good luck charlie pjPJ Duncan (Jason Dolley) 46 episodes, 2010-2011

Kwikki Chicki working PJ is the oldest child in the family. He`s got a big heart and likes hanging out with his buddy Emmett. The two of them has a band where PJ plays the guittarr. PJ is a softie and had a few crushes on pretty girls through the seasons.

Good Luck Charlie Cast – The Parents

good luck charlie bobBob Duncan (Eric Allan Kramer) 42 episodes, 2010-2011

Bob the dad of the Duncans is an exterminator that loves his job. The kids are not always excited about what he does for a living though. Bob is a good guy that most of the time put his family first.

good luck charlie amyAmy Duncan (Leigh Allyn Baker) 39 episodes, 2010-2011

Amy is the Duncan mother and a working nurse. She loves her family and wants the best for them. Is her dream still to be a singer and dancer??? She has wonderful comments and often do what we really want to do as mothers but sometimes choose not too. Like when a lady comes over with dinner because PJ told her his mom is in the hospital, which she is working but she is not sick. Amy recieve the dinner, thinking she should tell the lady it is not true and return the dinner, instead Amy place along, close the door and says “kids dinner is served”

Good Luck Charlie Cast – The Friends

good luck charlie ivyIvy (Raven Goodwin) 15 episodes, 2010-2011

Teddy`s best friend. She is a funny girl with quick comments.

She loves to dance….

good luck charlie spencerSpencer (Shane Harper) 12 episodes, 2010-2011

Teddy`s first boyfriend.

He is a cute guy and a great dancer.


good luck charlie emmettEmmett (Micah Williams) 10 episodes, 2010-2011

PJ`s best buddy, he has a band with PJ. Emmett also has a crush on Teddy.

Mrs. Dabney (Patricia Belcher) 8 episodes, 2010-2011

The neighbor lady does not always get along with the Duncan`s, especially Gabe.

Series Directed by 
Eric Dean Seaton   (11 episodes, 2010)
Bob Koherr   (6 episodes, 2010-2011)
Shelley Jensen   (2 episodes, 2010)
Adam Weissman   (2 episodes, 2010)


Series Writing credits 
Phil Baker   (22 episodes, 2010-2011)
Drew Vaupen   (22 episodes, 2010-2011)
Dan Staley   (3 episodes, 2010-2011)
Christopher Vane   (3 episodes, 2010-2011)
Jim Gerkin   (3 episodes, 2010)
Erika Kaestle   (3 episodes, 2010)
Patrick McCarthy   (3 episodes, 2010)
Andrew Orenstein   (2 episodes, 2010)

My favorite actor is Amy, which one is YOURS we want to know, please leave a comment.

Good luck Charlie Episodes

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